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Hota Culture

People work not only to make a living, but also for developing themselves and making self fulfillment. It is not right to understand the relationship between corporation and its employee by physical enjoyment. We refuse to gain profit by sacrificing staffs' benefits. We propose healthy and rich life. The interaction between corporation and employees will become more positive through the continuous development of company and continuous improvement of benefits.


The core of the HOTA culture is "Be honest, do what one says". We encourage our employees to be honest. Our system and salary are drafted upon honesty. You are kindly requested to obey the established rules. Supervision is just for notification and prevention. It may violate your rights if other people break the rules. Thus, you have the duty to obey the rules and the obligation to notify and urge other people to do so.


The most important standard to evaluate the success of a corporation is whether or not the customers are satisfied with you. Your salary seems to be paid by our company. Actually, it is all from customers. Therefore, we will regard quality as our life and seek technology update. We will never stop research, study, absorb new technology and put them into use with fastest speed. We will improve ourselves continuously and never stop.