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ZYL Central Chain Bucket Elevator

ZYL central chain bucket elevator, the latest generation of vertical conveying equipment in the current market, has been widely used to convey various bulk materials, such as cement, cement clinker, mixed material, limestone, coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, etc. Because of its high energy efficiency, it has become the prior choice among chain bucket elevators.

Model Specification

There are 19 basic models, including ZYL315, ZYL355, ZYL400, ZYL450, ZYL500, ZYL450H, ZYL500H, ZYL560, ZYL630, ZYL710, ZYL800, ZYL900, ZYL1000, ZYL1100, ZYL630D, ZYL710D, ZYL800D, ZYL900D and ZYL1000D. Each kind is for different materials with different speed. The max speed is 1.9m/s. The max height is 65m. The max conveying capacity is 1588m3/h.